Bring The Chefs Table To Your Next Event

We’ve been wanting to offer this to you for years, you’ve been asking us to do it, but we had to make sure it was just right.  Capriccio Catering is ready to serve your off-the-premises dining and event needs, whether it’s at your house, your office, or the venue of your choosing. Now you can enjoy our fabulous fare at your dinner party, office luncheon, or even as drop-off delectables for any type of gathering.

We are here for your holiday catering needs, outdoor events, and special-occasion functions such as fund raisers, rehearsal dinners, or other intimate family occasions.

Albany Symphony Conductor's Circle Photos:  Chris Shields 

Create a Unique Menu

Capriccio Catering offers the renowned cuisine that Café Capriccio has been serving for more than 35 years. All of your favorite Café Capriccio dishes are available, including the recipes found in any of the café’s five cookbooks. You can also enjoy other classic Italian and American dishes -- or whatever delights your palate. We can prepare a succulent pig roast, a plentiful New England shore dinner, authentic grand paella, or a good old-fashioned backyard summer barbecue. Together, we’ll craft the menu that’s just right for your special occasion.

With our long local presence and strong Tuscan influence, our menu features locally sourced, farm-to-table products whenever possible, and we can offer sustainable fare, supporting our nearby producers and farmer’s markets. We take great pride in these relationships for what they afford us and for what they allow us to offer you. And, more importantly, for what you’ll be able to share with your guests.



Chris Schenker is director of Café Capriccio Catering. He grew up in a restaurant family in the Catskill mountains and has been in the hospitality business all his life. He managed the café 25 years ago before applying his skills to a variety of other culinary pursuits, always remaining part of the Capriccio family. Upon returning to the area, he has joined Jim and Franco as a fixture at the Chef’s Table.