Family Gatrhering at the Tuscan Vineyard,  Summer, 2018

Franco and I will again visit Fattoria Lavacchio this summer (with family, of course) for a special kind of Italian holiday.  For the past 20 years we have worked and played at Fattoria Lavacchio, one of Tuscany’s most celebrated wine and olive oil producers, organic farm, restaurant, and agriturismo.  Fattoria Lavacchio is in fact the inspiration and model for Cafe Capriccio’s Tuscan culinary vision that is our life’s work.

Here is a recent photo of Franco (who makes all of the fresh pasta at Cafe Capriccio) giving a lesson in ravioli making with Chef Mirko Malevolti at the vineyard.  I am also including a cherished photo of a Rua-family-alfresco-supper at the vineyard last summer. 

This year we will be discussing with the Lottero family who own and operate the Fattoria how we might develop special focus food and wine experiences for our patrons interested specifically in Tuscan food, wine, and olive oil.  For example, is anyone interested in picking olives and participating in the production of Tuscan olive oil. Let me know. And stay tuned. Jim