Harvest Time for Herb Gardners:  Dry Them for Winter Use


Some dried herbs can be more pungent than fresh herbs and are especially good in sauces, soups, stews, and other cooked foods.    I especially love the taste of dried oregano in tomato sauce, a favorite taste I recall from childhood.  In recent years I have been drying and preserving  herbs from our garden in combination.   For example this dried combo pictured above includes basil, purple basil, Greek basil, oregano, and mint—herbs that are related and compliment each other.  

I picked this bunch about 3 weeks ago, tied a string around the lower stems, and hung to dry in the kitchen—no special place or special requirements, just let the herbs hang until they dry.  Then I removed the leaves, shown below, and ground them together in the small blender also shown in the photo. 


Final step is to put the ground herbs in a glass jar, seal the jar, label it, and place it in your spice cabinet.  Believe me, home grown herbs preserved this way are an order of magnitude more flavorful then the commercial products, and no chemicals.  Below is my new spice treasure ready to elevate a  good Sunday sauce to GREAT!!!  You can do this.  Let me know, Jim